What we do is Superchargered Digital

We think there will always be space available for clever digital strategies and quality driven products.

Website Design

The vast majority of websites out there look boring, and you don’t want yours to be one of them. You’re interesting, exciting, jubilant, energetic, and one-of-a-kind! You deserve a site that’s just like you and reflects your personality. Oh, and one that’s not boring.

Website Development

How are you going to get noticed? It’s a good question, but one few think about. And when it comes to websites, even fewer think about it.

Mobile App Development

When was the last time you walked down the street, sat in a restaurant, or stood in line without seeing someone use their phone? Well, let’s be honest – you may never have seen that as you could have been too busy looking at your own phone.


Doesn’t it just seem like everyone is selling something online these days? Whether it’s a simple site with a few PayPal buttons or a more complex site with the complete shopping cart experience, just about every website out there but yours has these awesome features.

Email Marketing

More and more businesses are reaching their customers solely through email. If you have a new product, you email your customers. If you have a special announcement, you break the news with email. And if you’ve got a special discount or holiday deal, the first people to know are those that signed-up for your email list.

Social Media Marketing

You’re hip, you’re cool, and you’re cutting edge. So why isn’t your social media life the same?

Content Marketing

What is content marketing? It’s a great question, and one we’re not asked all that often here at Hiberg. Probably the best way to think of content marketing is as blogging. But you also have to realize it’s a lot more than that, too.


We're using proximity sensors called iBeacons to develop mobile applications that help you reach customers in new ways, and give them new interaction options with you and your services as well.

Content Management System

You probably thought you had just about as many acronyms as you could handle. Well, here’s two more - CMS and CRM.

Loyalty Card System

We want you to start running your own loyalty program within minutes and start rewarding your loyal customers.

Business Web Hosting

Enterprise Hosting is a great option for businesses that have lots of information but don’t want to obtain a lot of servers or space that holding that information entails.

SEO Specialists

At Hiberg, our SEO Specialists Cork are dedicated to ramp-up your website’s traffic quickly, noticeably, and in a way that produces results.